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About us

About J.T.A

Established in 2010, J.T.A International Investment Development Holding Company has started its activities in diverse fields of Investment and Finance, Consultation and Capital Fund, Tourism, Commerce, International Legal Procedures and Logistics. This holding, via benefiting of knowledgeable and experienced consultants next to its coherent network of associates in Qatar, U.S.A, U.K, Canada , Germany, Japan,  Australia, Finland, Nigeria and Kyrgyzstan. J.T.A International Investment Development Holding Company is capable of providing effective modified professional services in the stated fields.


-Becoming a unique, leading, committed and reliable company in investment and trade fields within international markets.

-Becoming a role model for domestic companies and a prominent company in the field of investment and commerce.


-Satisfying customer demand and order in the most appropriate timely manner with the best quality.

-Strengthening the private sector through investment and financing.

-Increasing the value of shareholders’ equity. Statements


-Ongoing improvement of service qualities.

-Developing market share by increasing competition capability and customer care with emphasizing on brand- branding.

– Marketing development using partnerships with reputable international companies.  – Developing effective advertising campaigns in the market by cooperation with reliable international brands.

-Increasing customer satisfactions.

Benefitting from the latest international scientific and technical achievements in order to learn and enhance organizational excellence.

Establishing at least fifty companies in the most strategic locations of the world.


Thanks to God Almighty Allah

We are proud of a set of goals based on everyday honesty, research, development and promotion of employment and entrepreneurship, and marched in the path of excellence and success. Our administrative responsibilities and Principles are based on Islamic beliefs and values by increasing the level of satisfaction of customers. The principles are as follows:
۱٫ Sincere cooperation along with order and organizational discipline.
۲٫ Safeguarding information, interests of Assets of shareholders, compliance with the principle of privacy, trusteeship, and Loyalty to the company.
۳٫ Maintain and observe ethical and organizational values.
۴٫ Accountability, Conscientiousness, Timeliness, Acceptance of suggestions, and culture of accountability in all parts of the organization while maintaining the interests, credibility and reputation of the company.
۵٫ The degradation of the work environment and the adornment of the apparel in accordance with Islamic and international culture
۶٫ Learning, creativity, innovation, the spread of knowledge and skills to improve the performance of the responsibilities.
۷٫ Following it in speech, behavior and communication with colleagues and clients with emphasis on observance, justice along with strengthening the spirit of teamwork and believing in cultural and religious beliefs.


Today, the key to success of companies and businesses is the commitment, expertise, creativity, and respect for the demands of customers. Successful companies will be able to accurately monitor customers’ demands and then mix it with new science and technology to create a lasting effect. J.T.A International Investment Development Holding Company should operate in an area where respect and tolerance are top priorities. . Since we believe that it is possible to achieve all our dreams if we want to, the specific goal of colleagues is to upgrade technical knowledge, customer satisfaction, career promotion and, besides it, to reach the ideal financial situation. Since we believe that it is possible to achieve all our dreams if we want to.It’s better today one write down desires and plans in full peace of mind in order to reach them, because all the good things are done in perfect calm. As a result be calm calm calm …
Thank God the merciful who congratulated me on the success of serving with the benefit of the blessed youth capital.

Dr. Amir Salemizadeh
CEO and Chairman of the Board

Organization Chart


Dr. Amir Salemizadeh

Born on November 1st, 1983

PhD in Strategic Management

Email: ceo@jtagroup.co

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